personal finance 2: ING vs. HSBC

June 20, 2008

On online savings accounts, and A battle between them.
Bottom line: ING Direct has best interface (good) but lowest rates (bad). No gimmicks (good). Neither requires fees or minimum deposit.

I feel a little overwhelmed by summer. Most of it’s just fine, galollying with the family and friends. But every few days during a lull it hits me that I still have no concrete plans for September, besides a trip to the ol’ dentist. Then I frantically locate seven or eight viable jobs, write maybe one cover letter, fiddle with my resume, and bookmark the rest. Forty minutes into it, I re-realize that I’ll be overseas for most of the next two and a half months, rendering my applications inert — the excuse I’ve used to ward worry off all along. With all the privileges I’ve been afforded, I don’t deserve to worry about my future, right? At least not yet. The procrastinator’s motto is reassuring: “Everything will work itself out. It always does.” All the same, my premature hullabaloo about personal finance will ring hollow until my person generates enough greens to deserve the activity.

Family’s going to Mexico the coming week, and I just found out two days ago I’ll need a visa to work in Austria. Mild panic; should work out though; kicking self anyway. This may be the bloggishest most touchy-feely entry I’ve ever written. To begin a post with “I feel” — For Shame!

I always forget to take pictures of home-time. Adventures on the home front deserve to be remembered too.


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