welcome frank

June 14, 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve raced with my thoughts at an ungodly hour and jumped up to make something of it. I must have dictated five or six beginnings of paragraphs to myself before realizing I should record them.

The past couple months have been too busy or full or lovely or wild to undertake this project, but really that’s just my airy excuse for sloth. I’ve meant to write for a while, in the pen-and-paper journal I always keep, but I haven’t cracked it open since at least January. In the meantime, I’ve gazed at other people’s thoughtful paragraphs and pictures, hoping that I too would someday construct a meaningful creative message and see it through. Sketching, painting, writing, rhyming, any or all, hubris says I could do. But, I’m lazy, and, as people of our generation do, I’ve decided to go digital and keep my options as open as possible.

So why a blog, and why now? I can probably blame it on my new absurdly portable Mac, the recent proliferation of blogging among friends, and the incipience of our new lives apart. How will we keep up? Will we care to? Who will we handpick to nurture as ‘friends for life’? Who will we even be in 30 days, 6 months, 1 year? Hard, evil questions, and our blogs may be the open-ended easy way out of them. May the stalkerishest win.

Lastly, I acknowledge the wary trust we all now hand to the eyes on the web, not to steal our identities or to fashion calumny of our own frivolous phrases. Here, you may receive and judge my unreliable opinions, taste in pictures, and nefarious adventures. It’s a little scary to be open to all of you at once, but I’m excited to hear what you think. I will try to frankly splutter my thoughts to you and the new public you will become, almost just as I did when we all lived within walking distance [O. Fletcher]. Speaking of which, I hope you don’t mind if I credit you, in the way that J. Nunokawa tags his notes, minus the facebook’s devilish publicity stunt. Someday, when you’re famous, you can look back on all the wise things you used to say; or, at least, how wise or inspiring I thought you were on [date].

Disclaimers: I have a few guilty tendencies in writing. First, I reread and edit a lot, especially within the first two hours of posting. I second-guess myself and often end with a disclaimer, like this one. Secondly, I shy away from transitions by neatly blocking non sequitur thoughts with headers (a good trick). As you may well know, my brain doesn’t like to think straight. As a result, I probably overuse parentheses. Basically, I don’t write like I talk, but I will try to write what I would say to you personally, in longer but better-pared sentences. Let me know if I get too droney or dour; I won’t be offended.

That is all. Welcome, frank!


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